I heart BFF

Jamie Anne reminded me this morning of Best Friend’s necklaces. I had a split heart that I shared with my best friends growing up. I even had a triple heart. I remember, there was always a better piece than the others. one had fewer letters, one looked prettier, etc. I got the middle piece, and I remember that it was a big deal, because I really wanted the middle.
I’d been looking for a more grown-up version of the cutesy heart necklaces, when I remembered about these. Dogeared has lots of great necklaces with sayings that go along with each style. before I left Florida, I purchased the wishbone necklace, as sort of a good-luck-on-my-move-gift to myself. I think I’ll be purchasing a few of these this year. they’d make great gifts.
personally, I like the “Kick Ass” one. I almost wish I’d seen that one when I got mine. well… I guess I’m embarking on a new adventure here shortly… so maybe I’ll get another one {or two} for myself.
{images from dogeared}

5 Responses to “I heart BFF”

  1. Julie said:

    whats the new adventure? how are you? i got the wishbone on a silk pink thread for “stomping out breast cancer” for breast cancer awareness month – my mom got them for her, me, my sis, her 2 sisters and my grandmother :) love and miss ya!!!

  2. Casey said:

    just wanted to say I LOVE your new header. it looks so great! i have been wanting to make a new one for me…soon i will.

  3. marta said:

    amen to that sister. i heart bff’s too. we were a generation of choosing a bff and branding her with a necklace. thank you for this tip. will be ordering one for christmas. you are always full of lovely ideas. merci.

  4. Robin said:

    I cannot tell you how much I love your new header.

  5. jamieanne said:

    Hurrah! Great find.