in the moment + yucky spam mail

thanks to everyone who’s already signed up for the in the moment mixed tape swap. it looks like we have a great mix of musical taste out there!

I noticed this morning, that a few of your emails had been directed to my spam mailbox. ugg… spam is not my friend, and I deleted a bunch of spam yesterday without looking at if there was any important things in there. I have replied to everyone that has signed up so far. therefore, if you have not gotten a reply from me, then I may not have gotten your email. {this may not even apply to anyone, but if it does, kindly send your information again!}

just a reminder, the deadline to sign up is Friday, November 30. can you believe it’s almost December already?

2 Responses to “in the moment + yucky spam mail”

  1. Amy Nieto said:

    comments are back up! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had disabled comments due to all the spam I was getting, but that’s fixed too.

    And im glad my tipsiness made you laugh. Had you been here in person, we’d both be sipping on pina coladas and cracking up. :P

  2. lola said:

    awww.. i hate it when it comes to issues with spam emails! i have just resent my sign up for in the moment swap, hope you’ll receive this one ok! :)