it’s never too early.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas for months now. I simply adore it. and even more than the decorations, food, family, gifts, and wrapping paper delights, I love ornaments. I’ve always thought about hosting an ornament exchange, you know, like the kind where you bring an ornament nicely wrapped to a party – everyone puts their wrapped ornament into a pile in the middle of the floor – then draw numbers to see who picks first – the second person can open a new one or take the first unwrapped beauty – and so on and so on. one year I ended up with the cutest piggy bank on a string. and even better is the thought of crafting your ornament and receiving 8-10 beauties in exchange! that’s a delight!

the 2nd Annual Holiday Ornament Swap organized by Freshly Blended and Cake & Pie. all ornaments are handmade. sign up quickly, the deadline is November 9th. click here or here for more info.
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One Response to “it’s never too early.”

  1. Jess said:

    i want to do it! we can have an ornament making party:)