lego ads

oh, how these images hit so close to home. when I was a little girl, I had a million Legos. and every year for Christmas, up until just recently, I always got a new Lego set from Santa. I had a hospital, where I even built the ambulance to complete the scene, and a private island, complete with palm trees, water, and a tiki hut. when I’d stay home from school, I would spread my Legos out in the floor in the family room, and my mom and I would create masterpieces all afternoon, while we listened to The Guiding Light and All My Children in the background. so when I saw these ads, I thought of all the imagination that goes into Lego creations. I thought, yea, I see the dinosaur or that could be a boat. oh the joys of childhood memories.
{somewhere recently, I saw a Lego store, which looked fabulous. I’d love to go in there and feel like a kid again.}
{and yes, I endured hours of soap operas with my mother when I was little. I knew all about Reva Spaulding and Erica Kane.}
{images from here, post via graphic design bar}

4 Responses to “lego ads”

  1. Borda said:

    I remember your legos! And your mom watching her soap operas… :)

  2. Joanna Goddard said:

    love that.

  3. Catherine said:

    Those photo’s are so great. I was lego obsessed too when I was younger, we always had it all over the floor much easier to find that certain piece, I have no idea how much we probably lost to the vacuum over the years!

  4. michelle said:

    Oh how cool, I love it.