I’ve been dying for a set of personalized pencils, ever since I was a little girl. most of the time, I’d see pre-made sets at little shops, they’d have cute flowers and polka dots, all complete with an engraved place where the name shown with gold flecks. I’d search for my name, though 99.99% of the time, it wasn’t there, to be more specific, it wasn’t spelled correctly. there would always be the LLI, LI, and even LLY, but never LY. {secretly, I used to think that my mother purposely gave me an odd spelling name because she’d grown up with no personalized pencils, magnets, or bike tags herself. but we all know that isn’t the case. :)}
I can’t help but check for my name whenever I go into a souvenir store or market where big displays of keychains or pens might be. I think there was one time, when I actually found my name spelled correctly, but it was something silly like a giant fake diamond ring or a set of colorful dominos.

so this year, I think I’ll treat myself to a set of personalized pencils for Christmas. I saw these at Oh Happy Day, and they seem like a great set. though, this summer, while working at the camp, I came across a little boy’s pencil that was engraved with his name on it, and it looked as though it had just been actually cut into the wood of the pencil, rather than painted on or embossed. anyone seen any of these? let me know, I’m dying to find them.
{image from see jane work}

3 Responses to “personalized.”

  1. Borda said:

    I had some of the engraved kind when I was a kid. I think one of my grandmas gave them to me for Christmas, but I have no idea where they came from. I could give you the name of some places that would engrave your company logo though…

  2. Anonymous said:

    i’m an allyson, (no longer anon. i guess…) and i’ve never seen anything with lly… i too search the rotating racks of mini license plates with no success. :[

  3. alyson. said:

    borda – good thing we were best buds and neither one of us had cool name plates, or I’d been jealous of your stuff.

    allyson – I feel ya. but I’ve seen lly a few times. it’s the li and lli’s that get the goods. :)