right this second

I’m not ready:
for the rain to begin.
to say good bye to sunshine for 4 months.

I am ready:
to get moving with my company.
to blast the 9-5.
for brown paper packages tied up with string.

I’m inspired by:
and the way light shines on the wall.

I’m still waiting:
for one more person to sign up for PIF.
{thanks jess and dianna, but I still would like one more! the first person to comment that they’d like to join will receive something special from me.}

I’m thinking about:
changing my banner. I need a fresh update.

I’m looking forward to:
left over black bean pumpkin soup. {the vegetarian version, of course.}
dinner with Jess & Gavin.

my mind is:
saying it’s time to sleep again.

I’m working on:
a mini calendar.
a mini recipe book.

I can’t stop thinking about:
that freakin soup!
our brand new iMac. 24″. huge.
{image from mischievous meg}


4 Responses to “right this second”

  1. Chelsea said:

    Me too on the rain thing!! I don’t want it to start.

  2. Laura B said:

    just found you through little glowing light’s blog, and saw your etsy shop too, your prints are beautiful!
    I have seen this Pif on a coulpe of blogs, what is it, what does it mean? I would love to join in but need it explaining!
    Happy Sunday.

  3. Laura B said:

    Thank for explaining! I would love to join in if I can. Can I copy the pif text from your blog to add to mine please? Can I also add you to my list of fav. blogs please?

  4. Laura B said:

    Thank you! I’ll email you just now :) and i’ll put the info on my blog.