a skip and a laugh

there is a really long hallway which connects the main hall, with the lunch room and bathrooms, to the Catalog/Internet division in my office building. for some reason, I can not walk down that hallway without getting the strong urge to do a cartwheel, jump, or run at top speed. maybe its the everlasting kid inside me, but whatever it is, that hallway gets me every time.

after cleaning up my lunch, I was walking down the hallway and thought no one was looking, so I did a little skip in the air. I got busted at the end of my skip, laughing to myself with a giant smile on my face. at least I just looked a little crazy laughing all alone rather than being caught skipping and hopping in heels.

2 Responses to “a skip and a laugh”

  1. laceyJ. said:

    ha! That’s so funny because there’s also a hallway at my work that stretches pretty long, and I always, always have the urge to do a running leap! Maybe one of these days I’ll just have to try and see what happens! :)