so, so cool.

“Have you seen this book?

If you have, you should have grabbed it and run. Why? Because this is a Wordstock Red Book. We’ve published a limited edition of 1,000 of these books, and we’re leaving them all over Portland and the surrounding areas. They are designed to inspire writers of every stripe. They’re free to whomever finds them. They are also numbered, 1 to 1,000. If you’re one of the lucky few to find one, bring it to Wordstock with you. Because on Sunday, November 11, at 4 PM, we’re going to hold a drawing. If we call the number of your Red Book, you win a trip for two to the birthplace, final resting place, or favorite watering hole of your favorite American writer, courtesy of Wordstock and Azumano Travel. So if you need more of a reason to get out there and scour the bookstores, coffee shops, MAX trains, laundromats, athletic clubs, restaurants, and newspaper boxes of the Metro area for a Red Book, now you have it. So get moving. All you have to do is find one. “

{via frolic, via lizzy dishes}

3 Responses to “so, so cool.”

  1. Robin said:

    Oh my goodness, I wish I lived in Portland right now. I would be all over the place trying to find one!

  2. Jess said:

    the kids at w+k 12 are so clever indeed.

  3. ali said:

    I hope you get one!