I’m totally feeling this outfit from the Sartorialist. it’s perfect for those blue-gray days.

last night I confessed to dlb that I don’t like the rain anymore. I don’t like being out in the rain, all the time, and getting wet. I never have. but I do like the kind of rain that involves thunder and lightening and sitting inside and snuggling up on the couch while watching movies and sipping on hot tea. not the slick pavement, wet leaves, my bag is getting wet, drops splashing on my legs, cold feet kind of rain. and to top it off, the weather forcast says snow is coming. this Florida girl isn’t ready for snow.

mission for this weekend: rain boots.

3 Responses to “totally.”

  1. P O S I E S said:

    Right there with ya! I have been so complainy about this winter and it is only November! I hate the darkness and the drizzle. I’ve been soaked the last two days by the time I arrived home. I agree that thunderstorms are much more fun. If I could just hibernate for the winter and didn’t have to go anywhere..it would make things much more bearable:)Maybe we should both consider purchasing sun lamps??

  2. Jess said:

    hahahaha. oh alyson. we have 6 more months of it. i wish we had thunder and lightening too. doldrums.