Monthly Archives: December 2007


right this second

I wish that I could:
do Christmas all over again.

I’m truly grateful:
for all of my fabulous gifts.
to have such wonderful family and friends.

I really whacked my bum:
while snowboarding at Tamarack.

but I can’t wait:
to try it again. really.

there are:
a few tiny calendars left in my shop.

the next shop update:
January 4.

well, friends… it’s been a fabulous year. I really accomplished a lot, and I can’t wait for the new year. I’ve got lots of exciting new things happening that I can’t wait to share. I’ve been working on my resolutions. I’ve got a lot that I’d like to stick with this year. last year, I resolved to do many things that I kept up with for the most part. this year, I’m planning even more. be safe, be merry, and I’ll see you next year!


right this second

I’m feeling:
relieved. the holidays can finally begin.

I can not wait:
to show all of you my new hair cut.

I’m looking forward to:
testing out my snow legs.
having a few days off.

tonight I’m going to:
snuggle with him and our new throws.
hopefully make time to read my book.
bake more pine nut rosemary cookies. {yum btw}

I’m trying not to forget:
my bathing suit. {hot springs after a day on the mountain sound lovely}
our computer camera for family convo on Christmas.

I hope that:
everyone has the most joyous holiday.
each one of you receives the goodies from you list.
you too can enjoy this time with family.

Merry Christmas to all.
{image from simply photo}


I wish I could be reading…

but, I’m jammed with work. aside from gearing up for Christmas, and baking yummy cookies, I’ve got posters to work on, t-shirts to create, email blasts to post, catalog files to fix, and calendars to finish. all before January! and I plan on having time to relax.
so… I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging to get some things done. as always it’ll be hard to stay away, and I’ll be reading up on google reader and posting a few things between now and then…. but I’m signing off until after Christmas.
dlb and I will be in Idaho with his family for Christmas. our presents are wrapped and awaiting their destiny. our tiny tree is ready to be planted. and I’m ready to brave the snow! while I’m in Idaho, I’m going to try out my snowboarding legs out to see if they’re made for it. let’s just hope the mountain doesn’t get the best of me.

as I said before, I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many calendars. my tiny calendar is now for sale in my shop. please be sure to stop by and keep an eye out for updates to come. I’m very thrilled at the new things that will be popping up in my shop in the new year and this calendar is just one of the many great things I’ve been planning. {the image above is just one of the lovely shots from my calendar}

while I’m gone, I encourage you to check out some of the links in my sidebar, which I just updated about a week ago with long over due blog love to mention. there is lots of greatness out there, and these are just a few of my favorites.

until then……