I love botanical and anatomy charts. I saw this book cover on Cher Ami a few days ago, and a spark went off inside me. I’d like a bird print like that cover. it’s so subtle and tastefully done.
so I started searching.
I remember seeing this post last year about botanical charts, and was glad I could find it again. Holly found some great links. I also tried ebay, and I’ll keep trying again. I’m on the hunt.
{top row: deyrolle, bottom set: hagemann}

2 Responses to “charts”

  1. ali said:

    My favorite Elle Decor cover of all time featured a pair of botanical posters like these hanging above a bright orange classy-but-contemporary sofa. I have it bookmarked for life. :)

  2. michelle said:

    Oh these are so beautiful, so brilliant! I love them. Hope you feel better :)