cooking classes

last night, we had our departmental holiday party at Sur la Table. it was a group “team building” experience, as my boss called it. we chopped veggies, sipped on wine and champagne, and cooked a wonderful meal together. it was fun, and as I always say, I really enjoy spending time with co-workers outside of the work environment.

that being said, I highly recommend signing up for a cooking class at Sur la Table, or any other cooking school offering classes. I like to think of myself as being a pretty good cook, however, I learned quite a bit last night, like the best way to cut an onion and how to really avoid tearing up! our menu included Roasted Beets & Bleu cheese salad with a tangy vinegarette, Mushroom & Leek soup, green beans with crispy shallots, and Duck in a Pinot Noir Sauce. all of this followed a delicious French cake with vanilla bean paste, grapes and orange zest. yum! to find out if your Sur la Table offers classes, look here.

coming up in the next few weeks at the Sur la Table Portland:
12-20: Bon Appetit Easy Holiday Buffet
12-28: Perfect New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party
12-29: Five Quick Hors d’Oeuvres
1-3: Ravioli Workshop
1-5: Cake Decorating Basics