my weekend… fabulous:
• printing up my Christmas cards. {well, printed some. the others are still to come.}
• listening for birds.
• hunting for graffiti through drifting flakes of snow.
• dlb cooked dinner for me. so nice and delicious.
• super special apple cream cheese pastry, made by yours truly, for breakfast on Sunday. I heart weekend breakfast.
• our adorable tree. {will post pictures later when I can get a better shot.}
• cocoa, ginger cookies, candy canes, and Christmas music accompany tree decorating.
• finishing up my in the moment mix. {I hope Amy, Megan, and Jackie enjoy every musical minute of it}
• thinking about our new “eco-friendly” line.
yeowza. I heart dlb.

and today:
• I’m so proud and even if he’s not the winner today. just that he made it in the top 10, makes my heart warm. we’re such a great team. {if you know, then you know. if you don’t, I’m sorry I can’t disclose details! get mad at dlb for the secrecy}

2 Responses to “fabulously”

  1. Amy Nieto said:

    a most lovely couple!

    Hey, would you be interested in doing a xmas card swap? I am just finishing mine (fabric illustrations photographed, then printed!) :D If not, that’s cool, still :D

  2. Sarah said:

    Ok, you got me very intrigued about your secret squirrel dlb comment!
    Looking forward to seeing shots of your Christmas tree.
    It’s sweltering hot here. Right now, I don’t feel Christmassy at all.