hero design studio

being a gig poster designer and lover of music, I’m naturally attracted to the amazing talent of other gig poster artists. I love the work of Hero Design Studio. I especially love this one for Spoon. I like peacocks.
dlb and I have been developing our collection of gig posters. we hope to frame them soon, they are all rolled up and dying to be displayed. and as soon as we do, I’ll be sure to photograph them.
p.s. gig posters make great gifts for that hard to please music lover! browse here for a list of great artist sites.
{images from hero design studio}

4 Responses to “hero design studio”

  1. Joanna Goddard said:

    really great, love the peacock.

  2. suzanne said:

    Love these! I’m especially drawn to the high contrast in the Montreal one.

  3. Cher Ami said:

    peacock is definitely working. gig posters ARE a good idea! never thought abt that..

    btw love your banner haha