in the moment pt 1

I got my first mix yesterday for the in the moment swap from Megan. I love the sexy little gold envelope it showed up in. I imported it to my iTunes at work, and I’m dancing in my chair so far. it’s a great mix including standouts by some of my old favs, Belle and Sebastian, Travis, and Van Morrison. and oh yes… Danke Schone by Rosemary Clooney. fabulous.
Megan not only finds some awesome things from craigslist which she posts on her blog, craig’s treasures, but she has great taste in music. thanks for the new music Megan!


4 Responses to “in the moment pt 1”

  1. Uptown Girl said:

    Yay! Megan got you! She was one of my dearest of dear roommates and she’s getting MARRIED on Saturday! Yay!!!

  2. alyson. said:

    how fabulous!! I just emailed her a big congrats.

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    I jsut spent an hour looking at that Craigslist blog.

    How I love craigslist.

  4. MeganRuth said:

    I’m so glad you liked your mix!

    I had loads of fun making it and have it on replay all the time.

    Although I hate to bestow this horrible news to you. Alas that is not Rosemary Clooney…it’s Wayne Newton! Sure does sound like her though, and that’s what my iPod said.

    Silly iPod.

    I’m glad Amy liked the Craig’s Treasures blog. Now that my life is a little less hectic I’ll give that a go again!

    Thanks for putting together the swap!