one of those.

this is definitely one of those days: I woke up this morning, aching with grumpiness. aching because I slept funny on my neck, and aching because we went to bed late and was woken up early by our little panther, who decided that 4:30 was a perfect time to play.

this is definitely one of those days: I just want to take the day off from work. I want to crawl back into bed with some fuzzy socks and a warm hoodie and snuggle with dlb. I want Moose to snuggle too, like he did in between our pillows Friday night. he was good that night.

this is definitely one of those days: I feel like listening to sad, moving, quiet, slow music. it’s not that I’m depressed or sad, but sometime it just relaxes me to listen to peaceful sounds. if I had a piano, I’d play Chopin Nocturnes.

this is definitely one of those days: I just feel crummy. and it doesn’t help that it’s Monday and I’m super busy.
ah yes. the doldrums.

side note:
• all swap info was sent out yesterday. if you did not get your swap information, please let me know!
• I may or may not post again today. we’ll see how swamped I am. if not, type to you tomorrow.

yesterday, dlb and I were driving down 14th right at Burnside, next to the Crystal. I looked over out my window, and “holy shit! that’s Sam Beam!” yep, there he was, just chillin outside the Crystal, in the rain, possibly outside for some air, or maybe a smoke, but there he was.
and they rocked it out last night.
{hm, I just realized that he went to FSU Film School. he’s a Nole!}

{image from Fillmore Photography}


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  1. embee said:

    i didn’t get an email from you…. off to go check my spam!

    hope your day gets better ***