Monthly Archives: December 2007



my weekend… fabulous:
• printing up my Christmas cards. {well, printed some. the others are still to come.}
• listening for birds.
• hunting for graffiti through drifting flakes of snow.
• dlb cooked dinner for me. so nice and delicious.
• super special apple cream cheese pastry, made by yours truly, for breakfast on Sunday. I heart weekend breakfast.
• our adorable tree. {will post pictures later when I can get a better shot.}
• cocoa, ginger cookies, candy canes, and Christmas music accompany tree decorating.
• finishing up my in the moment mix. {I hope Amy, Megan, and Jackie enjoy every musical minute of it}
• thinking about our new “eco-friendly” line.
yeowza. I heart dlb.

and today:
• I’m so proud and even if he’s not the winner today. just that he made it in the top 10, makes my heart warm. we’re such a great team. {if you know, then you know. if you don’t, I’m sorry I can’t disclose details! get mad at dlb for the secrecy}



country christmas

if I had all the time and money in the world, I would spend days decorating and baking for Christmas. I’m such a procrastinating crafter. I bought stuff, two weeks ago, to create animal ornaments out of yarn, pipe cleaners, beads, and string. but alas… my creative endeavors have gone elsewhere, {my holiday cards, in the moment swap, etc}, and time has gotten me. maybe next year, or the following, when I have a beautiful house to decorate, I’ll remember these ideas from Country Living, and some of the other gorgeous ones from the December catalog, always my favorite.
{images from country living}



rock and gem

when I was a little girl, I had a fascination with rocks and gems. I had a rather large collection of exquisite stones that I’d collected and gazed over. my parents would take me to rock and gem shows at the convention center, and I’d beg for the prettiest piece of tourmaline or fools gold. so naturally, when I saw these geode necklaces, I fell in love with their beauty. so delicate but yet edgy at the same time. I love the way the sparkle.
{image from natural historie, via poppytalk}



right this second…

I’m still feeling:
sick. but better.

I wish I was:
at home with dlb and moose.

I have no idea:
what to eat for lunch. {don’t you hate when your sick that nothing sounds good?}

I’m very excited:
for sale items at an additional 20% off.
to purchase and decorate our tree tomorrow.
that dlb is framing our gig posters today. {he’s making the frames himself! that crafty guy.}

I adore:
her polaroids. and her shoe shots.
her new prints. and everything else she does for that matter.

I’m reading:
rare encounters with ordinary birds.

I’m happy that:
I have an intellectual thing.

and… I’m thinking about:
a new hair cut. totally new. like, unexpected new. eek!

to you:
happy friday.

{image from ouisequitur. this is quite how I feel. like laying my head down where ever I can}




I love botanical and anatomy charts. I saw this book cover on Cher Ami a few days ago, and a spark went off inside me. I’d like a bird print like that cover. it’s so subtle and tastefully done.
so I started searching.
I remember seeing this post last year about botanical charts, and was glad I could find it again. Holly found some great links. I also tried ebay, and I’ll keep trying again. I’m on the hunt.
{top row: deyrolle, bottom set: hagemann}




I feel like poo. that’s right, poo. I’m chilled, my throat hurts, and I’m just out-of-it. and even though I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all morning, I just haven’t felt up to blogging. my nice breakfast of pancakes with warm homemade cranberry syrup was good though. and my tea is making my throat feel wonderful. thank goodness for warmth on a scratchy throat.
for dinner I want someone to make these for me. too bad dlb is sick too.
we really need a personal chef.
{picture is of me from our trip to the oregon coast this august}

oh yea. not to mention, I think my either mail program is going a little haywire or blogger just sucks. is anyone else having blogger problems? my inbox said that I was receiving 16 of 16 messages, then one tiny message popped up. also, I’ve been getting comments on my blog and no email to inform me that they are there! also, I can no longer click the images on my blog or other people’s blogs to view them larger, they have to be downloaded to my desktop! {ok that’s fixed} eeergg… blogger is irritating me lately.