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one of those.

this is definitely one of those days: I woke up this morning, aching with grumpiness. aching because I slept funny on my neck, and aching because we went to bed late and was woken up early by our little panther, who decided that 4:30 was a perfect time to play.

this is definitely one of those days: I just want to take the day off from work. I want to crawl back into bed with some fuzzy socks and a warm hoodie and snuggle with dlb. I want Moose to snuggle too, like he did in between our pillows Friday night. he was good that night.

this is definitely one of those days: I feel like listening to sad, moving, quiet, slow music. it’s not that I’m depressed or sad, but sometime it just relaxes me to listen to peaceful sounds. if I had a piano, I’d play Chopin Nocturnes.

this is definitely one of those days: I just feel crummy. and it doesn’t help that it’s Monday and I’m super busy.
ah yes. the doldrums.

side note:
• all swap info was sent out yesterday. if you did not get your swap information, please let me know!
• I may or may not post again today. we’ll see how swamped I am. if not, type to you tomorrow.

yesterday, dlb and I were driving down 14th right at Burnside, next to the Crystal. I looked over out my window, and “holy shit! that’s Sam Beam!” yep, there he was, just chillin outside the Crystal, in the rain, possibly outside for some air, or maybe a smoke, but there he was.
and they rocked it out last night.
{hm, I just realized that he went to FSU Film School. he’s a Nole!}

{image from Fillmore Photography}


christmas came early!

after months of dreaming about getting new shoes, I finally got some. yay!
dlb and I decided that this year for Christmas, other than getting one big thing for each other and having it be secret until opened, we were going to give each other lots of things that we need, {ie me = shoes}. so since today is the 1st of December {wow…} we decided to give some gifts a little early!
dlb – a new rain jacket.
me – sider pelican rain boots + corso como candy