right this second…

I’m still feeling:
sick. but better.

I wish I was:
at home with dlb and moose.

I have no idea:
what to eat for lunch. {don’t you hate when your sick that nothing sounds good?}

I’m very excited:
for sale items at an additional 20% off.
to purchase and decorate our tree tomorrow.
that dlb is framing our gig posters today. {he’s making the frames himself! that crafty guy.}

I adore:
her polaroids. and her shoe shots.
her new prints. and everything else she does for that matter.

I’m reading:
rare encounters with ordinary birds.

I’m happy that:
I have an intellectual thing.

and… I’m thinking about:
a new hair cut. totally new. like, unexpected new. eek!

to you:
happy friday.

{image from ouisequitur. this is quite how I feel. like laying my head down where ever I can}

5 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. marta said:

    that photo is nothing short of fabulous. and yes, do it. i just cut off some serious hair and went dark and am loving it. go big!

  2. ali said:

    Happy you like my polas, missy. I am diggin’ your gig posters. That skeleton key! Swoon…

    And I recently cut inches and inches off my hair … it felt incredible. And still does! Most of the time. I say do it!

  3. Czina said:

    talking about haircuts, i recommend the siteways one, on one site very short, on other to the shoulder… i think it should sutes you…

  4. Catherine said:

    ooh new haircut is so exciting! I keep wanting to do that myself but I am not brave enough yet, I would love a dramatic fringe or something blunt. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Jessica said:

    Francesca is one of my favorite photographers – I think her work is utterly fantastic. I love your list as well.