he likes to match me.
what a weirdo. :)

9 Responses to “silliness”

  1. Jess said:

    that is too freakin’ cute

  2. In(side) the Loop said:

    I love this photo. What a hoot!

  3. Sarah said:

    ha ha that is so cute! Yes dlb’s beard is starting to look quite ZZ Top-esque! (ok, well he still has a little bit of growing to go…)

  4. Christopher said:

    flip i love iron&wine, :) just bought ‘the shepherds dog’ :)

    flippin cool blog you got miss :)

  5. amy said:

    matchings the best :)

  6. amy said:

    that’s so cute and funny. can’t wait to have someone to match. :)

    i can’t remember where you live but they are going to be in good old salt lake this weekend. wish wish wish i could go..

  7. ali said:

    What a pair! DLB looks familiar to me. Is that weird? Does he get told that a lot? Has he ever been to Utah for any reason?

  8. alyson. said:

    thanks everyone! yes, we make quite the pair. doesn’t help that we’re with each other all the time, so it’s funny when we “accidentally” match. today we’re both wearing blue stripes. :)

    sarah – just wait. he’s growing it out.

    amy – we saw them on sunday. it rocked.

    ali – he gets that a lot. people come up to him and ask him if they know him. it’s weird. one guy wouldn’t let us alone, he was convinced they knew each other!