best birthday party goes to:

joslyn of simply lovely! she said:
“i’m most proud of my husband’s most recent b-day party…it was a milestone party and he had just begun woodworking, so we made handmade invitations using wood grain for the background, used wood veneer to make tons of hurricanes for candles and asked all the guests to bring him a piece of wood found or bought that he could craft something from. All our family members pitched in for the band saw and we served German food and red velvet cake (his favorites)…it was pretty swell if i do say so myself.”
sounds pretty amazing huh?! thanks to dlb for helping pick the winner. I think you won him over with tools being involved. :) thanks to everyone for their great stories. it was hard to pick just one.
{joslyn, email me your info and I’ll send out a special valentine’s day set of cards which are available in my shop!}


2 Responses to “best birthday party goes to:”

  1. Joslyn said:

    how fun!!!!!!! thanks alyson and dlb

  2. amy said:

    i love that you involve dlb in your contests. true love.