if you haven’t seen the collection series over at poppy talk, you’re really missing out. I love seeing what other people collect and search for. I’ve never really had a collection to speak of, but I’ve always had ideas of things I’d love to have when I have more room to house them. like letters. I love letters and I love the idea of having lots of them on a wall or dresser, so needless to say I was very inspired when I saw the collections from Lisa Congdon and her collection of the letter E.
when I was at the craft store yesterday, I was tempted to buy some letters, but I knew I’d get home and not want to put them anywhere. so, they will wait for another day.
{from poppy talk}

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  1. Joanna Goddard said:

    i love that bottom left photo. those concert posters are SO pretty. what a great idea for a playroom or library. xoxo