cord, ribbon, and twine

I always have enjoyed wrapping presents, and had quite a good time decorating my Christmas packages this year with ribbon, bows, berries, and little birds. I’m such a sucker for ribbon. I get trapped in the ribbon aisle at the craft store, and dlb always says, come on Alyson, let’s go, while I ponder which colors I need and which ones I want. I could have spools and spools of ribbon, and do nothing with it. I like to look at it. and it makes for a pretty package.
{from broadway paper}

5 Responses to “cord, ribbon, and twine”

  1. In(side) the Loop said:

    These are all so pretty! I like the top left one the best. Perfect for Spring!!

    And tell dlb he is kicking it with his beard! Way to go!!

  2. jen b said:

    this picture makes me very happy. i love all things ribbony (new word, do ya like it?) :)

  3. Sarah said:

    I agree. Good ribbon makes all the difference.

  4. ali said:

    D to the itto. :)

    I ordered from Broadway Paper last fall and my order came with the nicest thank-you note. I order some of the top right one, though, and I couldn’t help but feel like I paid a lot for something that is basically red yarn. Silly me.

  5. Catherine said:

    oh ribbon, I am in love! These ones are gorgeous I love that they are on spools like that you could have such a collection. My problem is i buy so many and then hardly ever want to use them because they look so nice.