I need socks

I used to hate socks. I still don’t really like that seam down by my toes. it always seems to get in the way. so I don’t have many socks. but my feet have been really really wanting some warm, fuzzy socks to cover them lately.
I like these. they remind me of that sprinkle cake my mom once baked for me that came in a package with sprinkles of all colors that you baked into the cake. mmm… it was so good and packed with sugar.
I also like these and these too.
{via jess}

3 Responses to “I need socks”

  1. ievute said:

    you write so delicious about the socks! Even I want one pair of those in the picture :)

  2. alyson. said:

    oh I love those…. but way too pricey for socks!