light up my map

when I was a little girl, I had a globe in my bedroom that lit up at the flip of a switch. I can remember running my fingers over the exaggerated topographic bumps which made up various mountain ranges. I would spin it, then stop it with my finger mid-turn, and say that I’d travel to where ever I was pointing. I wish I knew what happened to that pretty globe. I loved it.
ever since then, I’ve had a great appreciation for globes, even maps. I could stare at a map for hours, peering over unfamiliar city names and countries. I’ve had this dream of setting up a shelf of globes or maps. I told dlb I wanted a light up globe, and he laughed and called me cute. but I think one would be pretty neat. check out these cool vintage globes here.
{photo from miss col. reminds me of New World Brewery and all their globes. I hope to make a trip to Astoria so I can see these globes too.}

3 Responses to “light up my map”

  1. pia jane bijkerk said:

    i love globes and maps too. vintage ones being the prettiest i think. i am still on the look out for a really beautiful vintage globe, i will check out your selection now, thanks!

  2. Carolina Eclectic said:

    These globes are great looking. I found you today, via Inside the Loop.

  3. sulu-design said:

    Glad to have found you, fellow Portlander!