my heart wanders

I know I said I wasn’t big on hearts and pink and fluffy things, but I do enjoy a project, with found hearts and collaboration. Pia Jane Bijerk, a lovely blogger who I just discovered a few days ago, has announced an art project on her blog where everyone is invited to participate. each individual is encouraged to submit images of found or handmade hearts for her collection titled, “my heart wanders”. it sounds like an amazing project and a fun idea that I look forward to participating in. check it out here
{via pia jane bijerk, image by janoid}


6 Responses to “my heart wanders”

  1. Joslyn said:

    I’m excited about this too. I was just lamenting that i feel a major lack of creativity lately, so maybe this fun project will jump start it!

  2. i'm kelly said:

    what a great idea. this could be fun!

  3. i'm kelly said:

    what a great idea. this could be fun!

  4. jo said:

    oh this is such a great project!! i´ll start searching for my heart this second :)

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    I found a cactus “leaf” in the shape of a heart. it was cute and adorable.