photo 101.

you know when you look at a picture and you can almost hear the laughter, or smell the fresh cut grass? I want to capture things like that: sounds, smells, and other things that you can’t really see in a picture, but when the moment is just right, you can actually feel them.
I am inspired more and more each day to become a better photographer. I could spend hours browsing through photographs. I love the feeling I get when finding a photo that says all I want to say and more about life. sadness, happiness, exuberance, joy, anxiety…
I adore my flickr favorites. I look at them quite often and get inspired. each one says something different, maybe what I was thinking about that day, or how I felt. maybe I was looking for something particular or I came across something that blew me away.
one of the things I resolved to do this year is to take more photos. there is so much I wish I could’ve photographed. so much I wanted to capture. and now, I vow to do it. hopefully it doesn’t consume me too much.

6 Responses to “photo 101.”

  1. Casey said:

    I am so with you on this! I absolutely love photography that captures life.–like you said, sound, smell… can’t wait to see what you “capture”

  2. Robin said:

    I also adore my flickr favorites, it’s about time for me to make another mosaic of them. Yours look gorgeous, I will have to go look at them and add some to mine.

    I’m sure your new photos with your new camera are going to be wonderful, since you love it so. And you definitely have the eye!

  3. jessabean said:

    Me too! I wish you luck on your path to photography awesomeness. I hope to get out there and improve my craft this year as well.

  4. Cher Ami said:

    lately I’ve been subscribing to flickr favorites rss feeds and taking peeks throughout my workday. It’s inspiring in such a hectic day!

  5. laceyJ. said:

    Pretty! Warning: photography is very addicting- but, in a good way! Can’t wait to see what you create!