pink and moustaches

birthday parties are always fun. cake, presents, decorations, and memories. I always enjoy a theme party when everyone dresses up and wears funny hats or makeup. some of my parties included dressing up like pirates and dancing with our pirate booty on, singing into a karaoke machine {I think Love Shack was sang at least 5 times}, or a makeup artist, who outfit us tiny 4 year olds with dresses and makeup built for tiny southern belles.
so I’m curious, what has been your favorite birthday party? tell me about a smashing party you threw for your sister, a custom shaped cake you had designed, or the biggest surprise party, that fooled even your hard to surprise mother. post your comments by tomorrow, 5:00 pm PST and the winner, chosen at random, will receive a special set of Valentine Cards which are now available in my shop!
{image from martha stewart}

6 Responses to “pink and moustaches”

  1. Borda said:

    My 2 sisters and I threw our mother a surprise 60th birthday party. Not only did we pull off the surprise, but we threw the party in her house. Plus, we had 3 aunts, 2 uncles, 2 cousins, a couple that’s a REALLY close family friend, and her best friend that recently moved away (Martha Fleisher) all come in town. Her only comment was that she needed a stiff Scotch.

    P.S. Only at my mother’s party would Scotch be the only type of liquor you ran out of.

  2. Sarah said:

    My Mum’s 60th birthday party. I planned for months. I made a photo movie of her life to date with a whole lot of appropriate songs. I made a movie poster declaring it to be the wrold’s first screening. Everyone got a movie ticket and we crammed in to our friend’s dance studio to watch it on the big screen. Once it was finished we presented Mum with an Oscar for best Mum in a comedy, drama, musical, reality series etc. She was overwhelmed but it was brilliant.

  3. Joslyn said:

    i’m most proud of my husband’s most recent b-day party…it was a milestone party and he had just begun woodworking, so we made handmade invitations using wood grain for the background, used wood veneer to make tons of hurricanes for candles and asked all the guests to bring him a piece of wood found or bought that he could craft something from. All our family members pitched in for the band saw and we served German food and red velvet cake (his favorites)…it was pretty swell if i do say so myself.

  4. Heather said:

    My upcoming birthday party in April is going to be a lovely, frilly, girly affair – suiting me perfectly! I’m serving a formal tea at the beautiful Charleston plantation owned by the College I work for. Fine china, white tea gloves, and tons of flowers are in the plans, along with hand-painted and hand-written watercolor invitations and fancy details in abundance. I don’t normally have a big party for my birthday…but it’s my 25th and I deserve it!

  5. becky said:

    I love “just because” parties. On of my favorites was a movie premiere party of “Elf,” where surprised guests were greeted at the door by my husband, in full Elf attire, including the man tights. We took decorating and culinary cues from the movie and our friends still talk about it.

    More recently I threw a season premier party for “The Office.” I did an office supply tablescape (complete with a bubblewrap tablecloth) and took the theme to the limit.

  6. Ashley Noelle said:

    I just returned from the Bahamas where we surprised my mother’s cousin for her 60th birthday. She lives on an island of about 100 people who kept it a secret for three months (they say that has never happened!) Her brother and his wife and her daughter surprised her one day and my family of eight showed up the next day! We then celebrated and ended the surprises with a party featuring the whole island the next day! It was amazing to see someone so surprised!