pix patisserie

last weekend, dlb and I went to Pix Pastisserie. I’ve been wanting to visit this little pasty shop ever since Chelsea first mentioned it to me waaaaay back when I first moved here. after a delicious Milk Stout at Roots Organic Brewery, we decided we were in the mood for something sweet, and I suggested Pix because it’s open late! I adore the floral decor in the interior and the quaint, semi-romantic setting. Pix has lots of tiny treats, chocolates, and home made ice cream. we tasted the Ambrosia chocolate, Incognito lemon cheesecake – which was amazing, and despite the cold, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.
birthday bonus – add a chocolate Happy Birthday plaque to any custom order!

5 Responses to “pix patisserie”

  1. Caitlin said:

    Ooh, isn’t Pix great? Have you tried their beer float? I’m kind of addicted to them, they’re so good.

  2. alyson. said:

    no…? I have not tried the beer float! this is something I need to do.
    we went to Rogue and I was tempted to try the Chocolate Stout float, but I didn’t. now I’m even more tempted.

  3. Chelsea said:

    Oh fun! So glad you went. Which one did you go to? The ones on Division and N Williams have the best atmosphere. But, the one on Hawthorne has a good selection of the teensy tiny desserts. You have to go back during February when they have the confession wall:)

  4. Joslyn said:

    oooh so pretty…i’m jealous i don’t live closer to Portland (for this among a whole host of other reasons)

  5. Robin said:

    mmm, lemon cheesecake sounds so good right now!