a planter for a dream home

Robin’s post yesterday about her apartment got my thinking about my own. actually, it got me thinking about how much I can’t stand my own apartment with those ugly yellow/white walls, that yucky tan carpet, and the awful layout. when dlb and I first moved here, we thought finding a place would be really easy. we were quite wrong. well, at least in the price range we were looking, location, and the fact that we were driving around not knowing anything about the city. we had been staying in a hotel for 5 nights, and finally got desperate for a place and ended up taking the first one that we semi liked and could afford. and we’re counting down the days until our lease is up. the only thing that keeps my happy about it is we are in a great location. and I have covered parking.
lately, we’ve been dreaming about having our own house. hardwood floors, a porch with real grass and plants, a garden, a big roomy kitchen with lots of cabinet space, two bedrooms, enormous windows that let lots of light in, and lots of space to decorate. I think I’d like this hanging ceramic planter for my porch. maybe two.
{from doe}