while browsing through my reader this morning, I stopped immediately when I saw these taffy-looking things from Milk and Cookies roll across my screen. in her post titled “cake without the bake”, Jen writes about these delightful looking Filipino treats called polvoron, which are little toasted wheat cakes compressed using a polvoron press! they consist of flour, powdered milk, sugar and melted butter. the chocolate version has hot chocolate milk powder! since my Dad lives in the Philippines, I emailed him to see if he’s ever heard of these taste looking treats, and to get a first hand account on whether they really do taste as good as they look. I’ll let you know what he says.
as anything sweet and original always sparks my interest for birthday treats, these would be a great alternative for a gift. a touch of handmade goodness right from the kitchen is always special. maybe for my pasalubong next time you come to the states, right Daddy?
{image from milk and cookies, recipe here}

3 Responses to “polvoron”

  1. jen b said:

    love this photo. so simple!

  2. Robin said:

    Those look enchanting, and so simple. I’d love to find out more – let us know what your dad says about them, and if there’s a recipe!

  3. Allyson said:

    hi– it’s funny to randomly read blogs and find a photo of something so familiar. as a child, these were always part of gift boxes from my aunts in the philippines. they’re a sweet and powdery confection, and i always needed a glass of water or milk to wash them down. or else i’d cough a cloud of sugar powder :)