right this second

I just can’t get enough:
of these delicious little rounds of citrusy goodness. {seriously, I think I could eat like five a day}

I really love:
this video, her voice, and that piano.
these shoes.
campo de’ fiori.

I wish that:
the sun would come out, tomorrow.

I absolutely can not wait:
to sleep in.
for saturday breakfast and sunday reading.

it’s not too late for:
a tiny calendar for your wall.

a photo a day:
sounds like a fabulous idea. {mind if I join?}

finally, I want to show you:
my new do. {it’s not the best shot, but you get the idea}

and oh yea:
my golden birthday is this month. {hint, I’ll be 26.}
happy 2008.

update: I just found out that my recipe, which I submitted to The Fresh Market last spring, made the 25th Anniversary Cookbook! now, to get my hands on a copy of it….


6 Responses to “right this second”

  1. Hip Mama Crafts said:

    i think i do eat 5 a day… i guess it is better for me than chocolate… congrats on the cookbook… :)

  2. Robin said:

    Wow, that music video is really something…hilarious, sweet! Made me chuckle.

    I absolutely do NOT mind if you join in photo a day! Please do!

  3. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    congrats on your recipe getting in the cookbok. Good luck on tracking one down!

  4. Kirsten Sue said:

    I love Clementines too! Love the picture. Makes me want to go eat one right now.

  5. eclecticentertaining said:

    My two boys can plow through the clementines! I was just at Whole Foods last night and bought 10 more and I’m already down to 6! My three year old likes for me to try to remove the peel in one big piece.

    Congrats on the recipe. Post it, please.

  6. amy said:

    love the hair! it’s so cute. you really can’t go wrong with bangs.