right this second

I’m so glad:
that I’m finally over that nasty cold.

but I wish:
that I hadn’t gotten dlb sick too.

this weekend, I enjoyed:
r & r.
stuffed red peppers, ala jess.
abandon buildings and lotsa graffiti.
playing a little guitar with dlb.
photos, photos, and a weird, almost ghostish-crown-like polaroid that I promise I’ll scan this week.
a walk in forest park.
chocolate kozy shack. good for sore throats.
working on the 5 senses.

and I’m glad:
to be back in action.

2 Responses to “right this second”

  1. eclecticentertaining said:

    sprinkle a little cinnamon on your kozy shack rice pudding. yummy.

  2. Jess said:

    yea to feeling better. that was a much faster recovery than i had.