right this second…

I’m head over heals with:
this idea. {via rachel}
bright, springtime, shoes… oh warm sunshine.

I’m totally excited:
to wake up with light coming in through my windows because I’ve slept later than usual.

I just filled out:
my vacation requests in pencil. it’s exciting to think about a vacation.

I enjoyed:
our senses shoot.

I cooked:
this. again. and really, it’s amazing.

I’ve got:
a shop update planned for next week.
a little something special up my sleeve.

{photo from rottielover}

7 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Sarah said:

    I *love* this bokeh idea! And the heart photo is gorgeous.
    I’ve been meaning to ask you how did DLB’s sister like her Christmas present? Is she enjoying NZ?

  2. pia jane bijkerk said:


    you know what i’m talkin’ about. also i looked at everything else you mentioned too and it is all awesome, must try that soup!

  3. Joanna Goddard said:

    i love love love this heart idea.

  4. Joanna Goddard said:

    ps. i also love making a list of fun vacation spots in pencil, of course. the top of my list right now are: portugal, portland and amsterdam. xoxo

  5. swell.life said:

    Love, love that adorable photo technique. Can’t wait to see/hear what’s up that trendy sleeve of yours. :)

  6. Cher Ami said:

    that’s so cool, I’ll have to try it sometime

  7. mette koldkjær højlund said:

    can’t wait to try the bokeh when I get my new camera one of these days