I love these looks from Rittenhouse. so blue and gray and black. so perfect for my wardrobe.
{from rittenhouse}

6 Responses to “rittenhouse”

  1. Chelsea said:

    I love the models hair. I too love this black and blue thing.

  2. LaurenAlane said:

    these looks are completely perfect. everything i’ve bought in the last 4 months has been blue, gray, or black. i love it!

  3. ali said:

    Oh, never heard of Rittenhouse. Cool.

    p.s. I feel a little silly but I just gave you an award of sorts on my blog. You make my day lots of days. :)

  4. Catherine said:

    ooh I love these, the colour scheme with the little bits of blue!

  5. michelle said:

    OMG, I have been missing all of these amazing posts, shame on me.