speaking of calendars…

I’m a huge fan of calendars. if I had all the money in the world, I’d buy lots of calendars to fill up a wall, of all shapes and sizes. I’m big on remembering dates, especially the important ones: birthdays, vacations, and days off. for the past two years, I’ve gotten a vintage wine posters calendar, that’s tiny and petite, and it fits so perfectly in this little spot in my kitchen. it’s my birthday reminder calendar. then I have my apple green planner, which is for work related dates, doctors appointments, etc. then of course, I’ve got my tiny calendar up on my wall at work. I need another big calendar to have at work, and I’m much belated on setting up iCal on my computer. but until then, I’ve got three to keep me going.

psst… while I wrap up some calendar orders today, I wanted to let you know that there are a just a few more calendars left in my shop. this will be the last of them. there will be another shop update on January 11, if my schedule lets me get some work done! so, mark your calendars!