a storage drawer/desk

I really don’t particularly like Ikea. the product isn’t quality made, using particle board and laminate rather than real wood, and things just don’t feel sturdy. {not to mention, every time I step foot in the store, my blood pressure rises a few levels due to the stress of feeling like a cow among a gigantic herd} now, that being said, the design quality of some pieces is more than excellent, enough to make me forget about my fear that everything I buy will scratch easily and break after a year or so.
since I purchased a new, giant printer, embarrassingly enough, it sits on the box that it came in because it’s got nowhere else to go! thus, the hunt for the perfect drawer/desk/cabinet began. I need something to set my printer on, and to house all of my crafts and other miscellaneous goodies that are spread all about the apartment. I saw this at Ikea and it’s really great, but I’m still on the hunt for something even better.
I’ve got a modest price range and not too much space, any suggestions?

2 Responses to “a storage drawer/desk”

  1. embee said:

    i really like it. right now our printer sits on a filing cabinet, and i’d love something a little wider. we have one of those scanner-printer-fax machine deals.

    i was just at ikea about two weeks ago, and i should have looked! i like the option above – perfect to store all my fabrics, notions, yarn, etc. too bad my husband has no interest in spending any more money on storage!

  2. marta said:

    i actually have that drawer set! i got it for my birthday and love it. it’s sleek, clean and large enough for my paper cutter to sit on top.

    i love the wide drawers and modern style. it is heavy duty and easy to put together. i almost went with an even cheaper version at ikea, but i’m so happy that i went for this. it’s awesome.

    good luck with your hunt!