amazingly perfect.
last night, I welcomed in the new year in perfect style with dlb. we dined on fabulous food and drank some wonderful drinks. we toasted to having spent a wonderful year together and toasted to many more. there are time when I look at our relationship and I think to myself, “I’m one lucky girl.” he really is the most amazingly, perfect man that I have ever known in my life.
• here’s to you, my love, and here’s to loving your best friend.

refresh, relax, renew.
I refreshed myself today, with a day of relaxation and accomplishments. I slept late {8:30, which is pretty late in this house}, baked one last batch of sweet goodness, wrapped up some calendar orders, and enjoyed my day off.
• here’s to accomplishing more than ever on January 1… sans hangover.

I’ve spent all week thinking about my resolutions. I had some last year that I kept and others I just forgot about, conveniently. dlb talked last night before we went to bed about some resolutions that we plan on making together. resolutions that will encourage us to reach our goals.
• here’s to resolutions made together.

and here are mine:
• start it up. lots of new fresh and exciting things from me planned this year. just wait, and be excited. I am.
• no more sweets. the cookies have got to stop. seriously.
• get back on track with yoga.
• spend less time on the computer surfing the world wide web of “what just happened to the last two hours and why haven’t I done anything today?”
• read more.
• embrace the year of the varied thrush and dedicate myself to it.
• set up savings account for our house.
• figure out some way to start playing the piano again.
• pay more attention.
• beat old habits and save my cheeks.
• put the word “deadline” back into my vocabulary.
• keep working on a more polished look. I got the bangs, now I need the attire.
• work on becoming a better photographer. I think our new toy will help lots.

yea, so I know there are probably lots more things that I want to add to this list. but for now, I’ve already broken one resolution and spent an hour on this post, so…
here’s to you, 2008!
{image from ayumi sans}

3 Responses to “toasting…”

  1. Robin said:

    Happy New Year to you! It sounds like you had a great holiday.
    Good luck with your goals, they are good ones.
    Congrats on your D80!

  2. annechovie said:

    Happy New Year, Alyson!

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    Happy new year miss!

    *sigh* someday, someday I shall be thanking the stars for the wonderful man I’ll have. Someday, someday… (the holidays are sometimes not the best time to be {eternally} single, but I manage)