tropical construction

last year, when I was in Florida, I dreamt of a tropical vacation. this year, if there’s anything that my first winter in Portland is doing for me, it’s making me appreciate tropical places. now I understand what you were talking about B.
with all the resort collections arriving in retail stores, and the rain coming down harder and more frequently, I keep dreaming of a vacation. or at least something to bring a little color into my dull, gray scenery.
I quite like these pillows by Hable Construction. maybe just one will give me that pop of color that I so desperately need.
{images from hable construction}

2 Responses to “tropical construction”

  1. Chelsea said:

    I love these pillows! They are different for Hable but I like them. I am dreaming of a tropical vacation:)

  2. Borda said:

    You can at least know that I understand what you’re going through! Just think, 6 months from now we’ll be practically dying of heat stroke in Tampa and you’ll be loving the weather in Portland!