under covers

gosh, it seems like I was just sick… and here I am, sick again. but this time, I’ve caught a nasty cold. it sucks. terribly. I simply can not stand being sick, especially when I know that there is lots of work that needs to be done. all I want to do is curl up under the covers and go back to bed. uggg…. but on a better note, I did have a little fun with our new camera today. and more more more to come.

8 Responses to “under covers”

  1. annechovie said:

    Hey Alyson~
    Hope you feel better!

  2. amy said:

    ooh. i almost envy you, that looks so snug. i wouldn’t ever come out.

  3. amy said:

    aww i hope you feel better too!

  4. lola said:

    poor thing, i hope you’re feeling better!

  5. Jess said:

    gah. being sick is the worst. make levi get you eagle vs. shark and watch it with moose.

  6. ali said:

    I’m having the same problem! Boo. I hope you feel better soon, friend. Take care of yourself and rest up!

    But it made for a pretty picture. :)

  7. Amy Nieto said:

    im still waiting for my annual stomach flu. ITLL BE AWESOME.

    I hope you get better soon! :D

  8. Chelsea said:

    Love the picture. Feel better soon!