a valentine party

Chelsea posted pictures from her really cool valentine/birthday party last year. I love this idea, complete with a polaroid photobooth, red velvet cupcakes, and a showing of The Red Balloon.
I love theme parties. one year for my birthday, which always seemed to fall right around Gasparilla, I had a pirate party, where all of my best friends came dressed as their favorite swashbuckler. my mom and I carefully burned the edges of the paper invites, to create the perfect treasure map look. then we rolled up the invitations and sent them out in a cork sealed bottle. one of my friends even had a pencil thin, curled up mustache painted on her face to complete her pirate attire.
{pics from chelsea}

4 Responses to “a valentine party”

  1. Sarah said:

    I was just reading Chelsea’s post. I cannot believe it. it’s amazing! Not sure how she will out do that.
    So how are YOU going to celebrate your birthday missy?

  2. Chelsea said:

    Thanks for the link:)I’m going so much more low key this year, I think. I love the sounds of your pirate party. What a fun way to do invites. I love it!

  3. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    I too love theme parties! That pirate party sounds like it was way fun.

  4. Borda said:

    I remember that party! And that invitation! You were SOOO cool. :)