Monthly Archives: February 2008


right this second…

I always think that:
leap day is a little weird.

I really really really wish:
that I wasn’t at work.

I really love:
new music.
discovering new clothing lines.
finding new blogs.
meeting new friends.

I’m glad:
February is over.
spring is on it’s way.

I’m a little sad that:
Whiskerino comes to an end today.
{if you didn’t know about it, I’m sorry. by request, I didn’t blog about it. :) but if you’re wondering why dlb has an gigantic beard now? now you know. I’m proud of him. not only did he win two king beards, but he stuck with it, no matter how busy he was at times. he got creative. he pushed his limits. and he came out with an amazing collection of photos. too bad he’s not doing a 365 like me!}

I’m looking forward to:
shooting pictures tomorrow.
sleeping in – as usual.
a beer with my babe tonight.

{photo is my mobile for the mobile swap. I mailed it off last week, but I thought I’d share it for those of you that don’t follow my flickr.}


a little glimpse

two headers I’ve just completed for these two lovely ladies:
Jen of Toujours Complexe loves all things French and fashionable. her blog is filled with bright colors and always makes me smile.
Michelle of Lovely Little Things wanted something to show her love for her home town, Seattle. she writes about her findings in the city and her fabulous discoveries.

as I mentioned before, I’m available to design a new header for your blog for $25 with three styles to pick from. all you need to do is contact me at alyson.jg {at} and let me know a little bit about what you are looking for, and I’ll take it from there!


rosa loves

I always enjoy hearing about companies that are bringing art and awareness together. Rosa Loves is doing just that. Rosa Loves utilizes the t-shirt industry with art and creativity to financially support a person or group of persons in need. each story is printed on the inverse side of the shirts, which is directly in line with the heart.
to read more about Rosa Loves or to contribute, check out their site here.
{from rosa loves}


salt {and pepper}

lately, dlb and I have had a big interest in gourmet salts and peppers. a little while back, I saw this book at a local cooking store and my interest was truly sparked. before I began getting into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, I didn’t know that there was quite a massive collection of salts and peppers to be had. so today when I stumbled upon The Meadow, a specialty store in North Portland which has an extensive collection of gourmet finishing salts and specialty peppers, I got very excited and anxious to learn.
{left images from the meadow, right image from salt & pepper}