don’t leave home without it.

since I seem to be so into yellow and stripes lately, it’s not surprising that I’m head over heels for this outfit. and wow, that purse!
{from boden}

4 Responses to “don’t leave home without it.”

  1. angbrimwil said:

    I was just at Target yesterday and they had a shirt almost identical to this one for $20. It was from there new line with Converse One Star. it is just as cute… and local. thought I would share, just in case you were interested.

  2. alyson. said:

    thanks for the tip! I do like Target and their prices are way affordable.

  3. craftdaisy said:

    Great outfit :) I just discovered Boden recently and am in love with their catalog!

  4. Czina said:

    it looks like beach outfit…oh how i woud like to travel to sea again!