eyelet lace

I really like these eyelet lace letterpress cards from pistachio press. this reminds me of some embossing I did when I was in college. we made embossed prints of our name, nothing exciting but it still turned out pretty.
{from pistachio press, via poppytalk}
{note to self: sign up for letterpress class this spring}

7 Responses to “eyelet lace”

  1. marta said:

    ooh what a lovely find! thank you. i like them lots. wonderfully priced too.

  2. Sara Christine said:

    I’ve been trying to sign-up for a letterpress class at the San Francisco Center for the Book, but the waitlist is about a million miles long. I would LOVE to be able to make this stuff myself. So beautiful!

  3. Catherine said:

    Beautiful, they are so elegant and I love the cream card. I love embossing too, I have never done it before, that would be a great thing to lean.

  4. Rachael said:

    Thanks so much for featuring Pistachio Press on your lovely blog!

    I love your “leap day” picks, especially that beautiful green top.

  5. ali said:

    So pretty. I hope you do take that letterpress class!

  6. ambika said:

    So delicate & pretty. They’d be the perfect invitations, I think.

  7. allison said:

    these are GORGEOUS.