feather weight

I’ve really had my eyes on some light weight scarves. I think that they are the perfect transitional item from winter into spring, where the days are warm and the nights are cool. and since I seem to have a lot of solids in my wardrobe, I think I’d opt for a printed scarf for a little boost. I like these.
{from urbn}

7 Responses to “feather weight”

  1. Chelsea said:

    I am addicted to wearing scarves. But, I am very picky about the color, texture, patterns, weight, etc.. I love lightweight scarves-because I want to wear them year-round! They are often a little out of my budget, so I am glad to know that Urban has some realistic alternatives that look pretty great!

  2. Sara Christine said:

    I’ve been looking for cute and classy scarves, the perfect wardrobe staple for the Bay Area’s ADD weather. Haven’t checked out Urban Outfitters yet! These are really pretty.

  3. amy said:

    you are brilliant alyson. i don’t know where or how you come up with these things. but i am always always so pleased and surprised after visiting you. :)

  4. Catherine said:

    I have been thinking about the exact same thing lately! With the summer starting to cool off a little a light weight scarf would be perfect, I saw a perfect one a little while ago lovely creams and white but it sold and I missed out! But I love your selection! Particularly the top left.

  5. Mme. Fabuleux said:

    I = like the way your brain works.

    I was just in NYC a few weekends ago and stocked up on colorful pashminas.. they are the perfect add on to any outfit.

  6. Jessica said:

    I love the top left scarf, their work at Urban has been so nice recently!

  7. Kate Neckel said:

    cozy cozy…!