I’m feeling green

I’m thrilled and excited at the theme for Jen’s March exchange – Green. I think it’ll be fun and pleasant to photograph green things. since Portland is always lush and green, I’m really going to challenge myself to find beauty in not so typical green things.
I recently enjoyed participating in Jen’s photo exchange for February, Morning Rituals. it really gave me a chance to slow down in the morning and really capture the moments which I love the most. in my house, the weekend mornings are precious. we wake up early. we lay in bed longer than usual. we listen to birds chirping outside our window. we cook a big breakfast. we take advantage of the early morning quiet. we explore the city before the cars and people arrive.
sign up for the exchange here and view photos from the Morning Rituals exchange as they arrive here.
{from nectar and light}

3 Responses to “I’m feeling green”

  1. Catherine said:

    Isn’t this such a great theme for a swap, I can’t wait to take a few shots to choose from. Jen has such beautiful photographs too.

  2. pia said:

    nice start – i love this shot already!

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    that would be a great challenge for me, seeing as Vegas is NOWHERE near green and lush as Portland (*sigh*). Too bad wedding season started and I will be slammed with my job. oh well.

    (btw, im gonna catch up on all 64 posts of yours that i have missed in the ENTIRE month of feb)