imperial red

last night dlb was craving a beer, so after he picked me up from work we decided to head over to Rogue for a beer and some dinner. while their food is not anything to rave about, Rogue has got it down to a science when it comes to their tasty microbrewed beers.
it just so happened, that last night was the official release party of their Imperial Red Ale. it packs in a big punch at 9% abv, but the alcohol is hidden among it’s full fruity and caramel flavors. topped off with a pinch of sweet brown sugar, this American Strong Ale is a pretty good brew.
Rogue Portland is hosting a Beer and Chocolate tasting this Valentines day. 10 craft beers, 10 artisan chocolates. drinking beer and tasting chocolate with your love? it sounds like fun. for more info, see the flyer here.
{from rogue}