karen walker

I could not be more excited about fashion for Fall 08. I love the sweetly ruffled grunge combinations. I love the layering. I love the stripes and checks. I love the big bold patterns and traditional fall color palettes. and I really love these pieces from the Fall ’08 collection from Karen Walker. those tights are amazing.
{from style.com}

3 Responses to “karen walker”

  1. ali said:

    Mmmhmmm. I gotta get me somma that. Seriously awesome and tres chic.

    p.s. Wish you were here to do photo shoot with me. :)

  2. Chelsea Talks Smack said:

    I have a serious obsession with plaid/flanel pieces. Serious. Obsession.

  3. LaurenAlane said:

    Agreed. Amazing tights.