leap day

since leap day makes me think of little frogs and the only cute frogs are green and green means spring and happiness, I thought I’d do a little green inspiration today.
{tops and tumbler, tote, pillow, flats, perfume, vase}
{p.s. leap year comes around every 4 years, as we all know, but did you know that leap day only occurs on a Friday every 28 years? enjoy!}

7 Responses to “leap day”

  1. jessabean said:

    Oh, how I love green…This made me smile!

  2. Kelly said:

    i’ll take one vase. (check) one green purse. (check) one tall green vase. (check)

  3. Joslyn said:

    and i’ll take those shoes ;-)

  4. ali said:

    I love that green-glass vase. What a fun idea. Happy frog day to you. :)

  5. annechovie said:

    Beautiful selection of greens, Alyson! Thanks for cheering up my day!

  6. Jackie said:

    i love green, so if leap day is a day to celebrate green, count me in. and to think st. patrick’s day is only a couple weeks away. all this green love– must be time for spring!

  7. Kate said:

    I love the fresh perfumes, very yummy!