liam finn

my newest musical love is New Zealand rocker, Liam Finn. dlb and I listened to his album, I’ll Be Lightening, all weekend. the album is filled with melodic tunes and gorgeous harmonies.
he’ll be in Portland on March 5 at Doug Fir. {yay!}
listen here.
see the video for Second Chance, here.

4 Responses to “liam finn”

  1. Jessica said:

    I just discovered him last week and am in love! I only have one song on my ipod but need more! I read he is the son to one of the guys from Talking Heads{pretty sure}

  2. Sarah said:

    Yes those Finn boys are super talented!
    Jessica, he is the son of Neil Finn (Crowded House) and his Mum Sharon is apparently an amazing mosaic artist.
    He often gigs with his dad and I think has even played with Eddie Vedder (he, Neil and Johnny Marr seem to have some connection).
    Liam used to be in a band called Betchadupa but I think they might have folded now that he is going it alone.
    Alyson are you going to go to the gig?

  3. alyson. said:

    sure am! I’m very excited about it.

  4. Sarah said:

    OOh let me know how it goes! I couldn’t make it to his Christchurch gig. And he was playing in an old church so the acoustics would have been amazing